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Rewilding is taking off all over the world. It involves restoring habitat and returning animals which have gone extinct back into their former territory. In many places across the world this has been incredibly successful. Here a range of conservation projects currently underway across Australia to help protect quolls. We would love to encourage you to read about these very important groups and their efforts to fight extinction of quolls and other Australian Animals.

ARID RECOVERY  Arid Recovery is a conservation research initiative based in the South Australian outback and dedicated to the restoration of Australia’s arid lands.

FAUNA Research Alliance is focusing on engaging and equip Australian and New Zealand government agencies, land-users, industries and the community to innovatively secure, restore and & protect our unique wildlife, and the ecosystems they maintain, for future generations.

REWILDING AUSTRALIA is focusing on a range of species here, particularly the re-introduction of a range of wildlife that has become extinct on mainland Australia but persists in Tasmania (e.g. Tasmanian Devil, Eastern Quoll, Southern Bettong, Eastern Barred Bandicoot)

FAME – Are based in South Australia and have recently embarked on a project to reintroduce western quolls/chuditch, back into the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy – conserves millions of hectares of habitat across the country and protects over 70 – 80% of Australia’s birds, mammals and reptiles. http://www.australianwildlife.org

Territory Wildlife Park (NT) – Are involved in captive breeding of northern quoll populations and experiments with raising resistance in northern quolls to cane toad toxins.

DPaw (WA) – Have been very successful in increasing and stabilising the population of western quoll in southwestern Western Australia through the western shield programme. 

Devil Ark – Are presently actively captive managing a population of devils which are disease free from Devil Facial Tumour Disease with the hope of one day releasing them into a Tumour free word.


The Australian Quoll Conservancy Winner at the 15th Wet Tropics Cassowary Award 2016 Category "Innovation"
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Date: October 2017
Author: Australian Quoll Conservancy
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