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Established in August 2014, The AQC is Australia’s newest conservation group. The AQC is dedicated to the conservation of all four of Australia’s Quoll Species, particularly the race “gracilis” of the spotted tailed quoll in North QLD. The AQC is based in Cairns, Nth QLD however we strive to promote and support conservation efforts undertaken by conservation groups across Australia. 

In 2007, Glenn Kvassay and Luke Jackson – both who have a common passion for wildlife conservation and particularly quolls – established Cairns first wholly dedicated quoll conservation group with the assistance of WPSQ. The group undertook widespread promotion of the plight of quolls across northern Australia, engaged and educated the public about these remarkable animals, established a sightings database, undertook many hours of research into population and distribution patterns and captured and released animals from people’s houses. Unfortunately Glenn left Cairns in 2012 for family commitments. In early 2013, Alberto Vale – a filmaker based in Cairns and running the company “WildCAM Australia®” - approached Luke to do a documentary on quolls. Alberto is a former wildlife tour operator/guide at "Wildscapes Safaris" and hence has a keen interest and knowledge of the wildlife in the Cairns area. Luke and Alberto’s collaboration saw a genuine need to establish a standalone nationwide conservation group to save the dwindling populations of quolls across the country from extinction. "We both have a very real fear that not enough is being done to save these animals, and if someone doesn’t take action now – we could very seriously lose one of these species in the coming decade". The AQC is a registered not for profit conservation group dedicated to the preservation of quolls across Australia. Our philosophy is simple, it’s time to act now before it’s too late.

Our objectives and actions can be found on the attached PDF link here,  and AQC Constitution PDF link here

If you want to know more about quolls or wish to help our cause, please keep reading through this website.

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